Sunday, August 12, 2012

Is Obama Really Much Less Pro Life Than Romney

This is the clam Morning Minion at Vox Nova tries to make at  Being Pro-Life: Rhetoric Versus Reality. As to the  Stericycle issue go here.

As to the broader claim he makes this comment at the post by Law Prof Rick Garnett I think is largely correct:

Once again — and I apologize for being a broken record — this claim of Prof. Cafardi’s is badly mistaken. It is beyond debate, among serious observers of American politics, that a GOP administration will use its powers, and a GOP-controlled legislature will use its powers, to reasonably regulate abortion (and to appoint judges who will uphold such regulations) to a far greater extent than their Democratic counterparts (who are nearly-certain to use their powers to reduce such regulations, and to subsidize abortions, and to appoint judges who will strike down regulations of abortion). People as smart as Morning’s Minion and Prof. Cafardi know this, and so — in my view — really should stop asserting that the abortion-related stakes in this election are not stark. And, this starkness has nothing to do with the two candidates’ personal virtues or how they made their money. The *political* reality is, again, that administrations staffed by Democrats promote abortion rights, and those staffed by Republicans do not (or, at least, do so much less). I’m happy to concede that reasonable, faithful people can disagree about whether, in the end, this stark difference should matter. But such people should not pretend the difference is not there.

This political reality of course is manifested every day. There are reasons pro abortion groups see Romney as a threat and will spend lots of money and resources till election day.


Unknown said...

Abortion regulations are silly. No women who decides to terminate her pregnancy (whether rape, her own health, baby has a disease etc) is going to consult with a law book. If she cannot find the service legally in her state, she'll take a 20 minute car ride to another state. or she can even go to another country. -

c matt said...

The same could be said for just about any regulation or law. So we should just chuck them all??