Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Is Skinny-Dipping In the Sea of Galilee Really Akin To Streaking At St Peters ?

I don't know what amused more about this GOP supposed scandal. I thought it was slightly funny but the media coverage was sort of whacked. I am a pretty conservative Catholic but  the sort of prudish attitude by the media struck me as funny. BUT THE SEA OF GALILEE is HOLY and IT IS IN THE HOLY LAND TO BOOT. Well ok.

Somehow I think there is a difference between the See of Galilee and lets say the various Churches that are on Holy sites in Israel.

Get Religion looks at the coverage yesterday on this. See  Skinny-dipping in the most holy and venerated Sea of Galilee


APOV said...

Water is just water, and it is no more important that he was swimming naked in the Sea of Gallilee than if he were swimming naked at a secluded spot in the Gulf of Mexico, which I have done many times. But where the reporting on this incident is so completely inadequate is that when they say that other members of the Congressman's party went swimming, he was the only one who was naked, they neglect to say if the party was all male, or did he expose his genitals to women and children? If they were in a secluded area, and everyone there was other men, then there is no story, but if an American Congressman exposed his genitals to women and children, then it is gigantic story.

James H said...

Yeah if he acted in a lewd manner that would be a story. I agree