Friday, August 17, 2012

Pat Robertson Says Something Off The Wall Again- Russell Moore Responds Again

As I have stated before I do wonder if  these latest in a serious of WTH  comments are because of age. At least that is what I keep hoping they are caused by.

See Pat Robertson vs. the Spirit of Adoption by Dr Moore. You can view the vid at Denny Burk's place.


APOV said...

As a child, I was taught that wise old men are to be admired, respected, and followed. In my own late-middle-age, I am learning that only wise men become more wise with old age, while foolish men become more foolish. I figure Pat Robertson is the same hateful bigot which he has always been. It is just in his old age, he has lost some of the inhibitions which kept him from openly expressing those beliefs when he was younger.

James H said...

Well I am not sure if he is hateful at his core.

Though you do have a point about inhibitions that I can see. Without conceding that Pat Robertson is necessarly nasty it is true that in Nursing homes we often see by behavior and actions the kinda of life a person lived

Thus its very hard for people to "convert at the end

Unknown said...

I don't know that it's "hate", either - and I don't even know if it's age, per se.

Pat's been doing this a LONG time. He has said some really stupid things (recently, MOST of the stupid things we've heard about have been in the viewer mail segment!).

I am thankful that my job doesn't involve speaking extemporaneously in front of a camera every day - while being watched by folks who want to micro-analyze my every word.

It was a stupid answer. He was completely off his game.