Thursday, August 9, 2012

From Rome Herald Empire Enquirer 236 AD : Catholic Leadership Escalates Culture Wars - Abortion

It is sort of an irony that as more and more Evangelicals are rediscovering "Tradition" and the Church Fathers that some Catholics are going in the opposite direction. In fact they are almost taking a extreme weird red letter" fundamentalist" like  reading of Scripture. This is called in another irony is called "evolving".

If the conversation starts out "Jesus never talked about that" it is a good sign the conversation is about to go down hill fast.

On that note Msgr. Charles Pope has a great post up at  Ancient Testimonies Against Abortion. Be sure to read the comments where other text is mentioned.

There is truly nothing new under the sun. It is telling that many issues of the so called culture war ( that seems to be an ever expanding list ) were at issue when the faith was in it 's infant stage. In a society that was quite hostile to it.

Here we see quite a consistent voice  from Church Fathers from both the East and West on this topic.

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