Monday, February 6, 2012

Vast Right Wing At USA Today Comes Out Against HHH Birth Control Mandate

I think it was in the Politico that I read a quote from an Obama administraton insider a month or so on the HHS Birth Control mandate. According to this source there was disbelief that the Obama adminstration was even saying he woud listen to the Bishops concerns. JUST DO IT why was there a hold up. Talk about living in a bubble.

The vast rightwing over at USA TODAY appears to have a concern as come put against the Mandate. Mirrors of Justice has USA Today on the HHS mandate.

Another sign that political math of this was misjudged by the Adminstration I think.

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Kurt said...

Serious, thinking people strongly disagree with the President. Unfortunately, they are a small number and the rest will simply react based on if they are for or against birth control.