Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Meet Mitt Romney 's Secret Catholic Weapon - Peter G. Flaherty

The Deacon Bench highlights a good NYT article on Mitt Romney's secret Catholic weapon. When one thinks of a high profile Catholic most linked with Mitt Romney is Harvard Law Prof and former Envoy to the Holy See Mary Ann Glendon.

It appears there is a more crucial one. That is Peter G. Flaherty. See the Deacon's Bench post and link at Meet Mitt Romney’s Catholic connection.

The article is good. I take just as a clarity matter this :

"Mr. Romney’s unseen but crucial weapon this campaign season: his liaison to the Republican Party’s right wing, Peter G. Flaherty, a former homicide prosecutor who keeps a statue of the Virgin Mary on his desk" .

He very well might be "Right Wing" but some examples of that would be nice. Unless being prolife puts you in the "right wing " alone.

Of course Romney has other Catholic problems. I am not sure how Romney's immigration stance is going to play among Catholic Latinos to name just one group. How has he handled that? That would be interesting to go into.

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