Thursday, February 16, 2012

Good Look At Media Coverage of the TAX THE CHURCH issue in Italy

Everytime the Church raises it's voice in the public square voices come to say TAX the Church.

We in the USA have been hearing a good bit of that this year.

Get Religion has a great piece looking at the Tax the Church issue in Italy. See Idealism and Italian taxes . I like this article because it looks at the different stances of the Italian papers which is fun in itself. I noted with amusement a major Church owned paper has to point out what I point out here to the Tax the Church crowd. That is you can't really tax the Church and not other stuff. They say

it should be remembered for the umpteenth time, this category [tax exempt institutions] is not identical with the Catholic Church, it includes properties of faiths who have registered with the the state and extends to all non-profit entities. Without this necessary clarification (that often the media tends to “forget” as happened yesterday), they will want to read the full official statement

It's an interesting article plus in the last paragraph they talk perhaps bigger issues that lurking under the surface.

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