Thursday, February 23, 2012

Huffington Post's Red Letter Fundamentalist and Literalist Religion Writers

It is really amazing how many that disparage some Christians for taking the Bible literally or being Fundamentalist turn around and do the same thing they are criticizing . I have noticed that many ( not all) Huffington Post writers do this a lot. MCJ has and example at AND NOW…IDIOTS.

I can recall a evangelical sex book aimed too teenagers my parents bought me. On the subject of masturbation it was well the Bible does not mention it so whatever. Well I think there can be quite a case that the scriptures allude to it. But regardless we see in the Christian Holy Tradition a pretty strong denunciation of the practice. Where oh where did this come from? Perhaps from the Apostolic age?

The writer here mentions abortion. Jesus did not mention it so it's fair game. So where this quite aggressive stance against it we see in the Church Fathers come from then?

But as we see the writer has another problem. That is he is a really what some call a Red Letter Fundamentalist or Literalist. Now I have no problem with Bible's that mark the words of Jesus in red. Though this is of a very recent date. At times they can be helpful to me in reading Scripture.

But I do agree that this at times presents problems ,and not just with Huff Post writers which is a more serious concern. See Red Letter Literalists .

Returning to progressive Christians and Huff posts like writers it's indeed ironic that they make the teaching of Christ divorced from HOLY TRADITION like some very conservative Christians do.

If they did not they could perhaps find a Christian witness that would buttress their case on their ideals. But to do that means acknowledging all this "sex" stuff and that wins out over the poor.

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