Sunday, February 26, 2012

More Episcopalian Nonsense on Obama 's HHS Birth Control Mandate

The Catholic Bishops are very polite folks God bless their souls , and they still have a tendency not to talk in public about upsetting things. Such as the Episcopal Church through a reproductive rights lobby is pushing to limit Catholic religious freedom.

It is indeed ironic that the Episcopal Church whose social justice ministry has much to be admired can't see the long term threat the precedents in the HHS birth control mandate have as to them. But when a President yells jump and your first response is "how high" it's understandable how that happens.

We have more of this nonsense on display today. See MCJ's post at MAINSTREAMING. Also at the Episcopal Cafe link MCJ tells it like it is at the first comment.


Texas said...

The contraception issue is going to get Barack Obama re-elected.

James H said...

It might or mighjt not. If its viewed as just a contraceptions iussue. If its viewed as a religious liberty issue then maybe not and the President will withdraw this beill befoe too late