Thursday, February 16, 2012

Possible Catholic Doomsday Gets Closer - Medjugorje Gets One Step Closer to Possible Papal Resolution

This matter has to be treated with so much care. If you thought that dealing with the sensitive pastoral issues of the Legionaries of Christ membership was hard you have seen nothing yet.

See Card. Puljic: Medjugorje Commission to end it's work in late 2012

IF Pope Benedict does a possible thumb down Medugorie well it be devastating for some people. I make judgment myself on the issue. Just saying this is a minefield that must be carefully navigated.

To bring this more close to home Medugorie is very big in Catholic Louisiana. For example see from today's news Seminarians find intense peace on Medjugorje trip and Story about faith journey unfolds in ‘Sojourners’

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