Thursday, February 9, 2012

Obama Crosses Another Line in Birth Control Mandate - Interference With Church Affairs and Spreading Division

Another line crossed and this was one I feared the most. Father Fox over at More on Obama's War on Us notes:

Most women — including 98 percent of Catholic women — who have had sex have used contraception, according to a study by the Guttmacher Institute.
“Have had sex.” Ever? “Have used contraception.” Ever?

As I posted there:

There is something worse at issue here. What bleeping business is it, of the President or any of his political allies, what percentage of Catholics (or members of any other religion) actually observe the teachings of their religion?

The claim may be true or false; it may give us Catholics cause for reflection or catechesis; but that’s all separate.

Where is the outrage that our President chooses to justify a policy on this basis?

Imagine if they passed a law–a la France–forbidding women from wearing veils–and Muslims protested that it violates their freedom; and the argument was, well, most of you Muslim women don’t wear the veil anyway.

The response is, “listen big government tyrant–whether we (Catholics/Jews/Muslims/etc.) are observant about our own faith is none of your business.

Once again, I think this is a huge deal. I cannot think of a time when any president ever involved himself in a theological or disciplinary matter within our Church. That was one of the great blessings of this country--that for the first time, the Church did not worry about interference from temporal authority.

Now it is President Obama who will go down in history as the first president--and God grant, the only--to transgress that understanding and to reach out to manipulate the Catholic Church.> Postcards in the pews this weekend.

We are now in new uncharted lands my friends. It boggles my mind that progressives think they can contain this.

It's getting really nasty on the Internet. I am now used to somewhat jarring sight of people with Obama political avatars saying the most hateful things about the Church. This anti Catholicism was predictable and I guess was viewed as OK collateral damage.

Which makes me more upset that some major mainline Protestant leadership did not care.


The Mighty Favog said...

You should see what "progressive" alleged friends have said to me on Facebook. They figure it's not bigotry if they believe hard enough that the Catholic Church is evil.

For my part, the form to switch my party affiliation from Democrat to independent will be in the mail to the election commissioner this day.

As loathe as I am to admit it, the tea partiers seem to have been right about Obama. They were just premature -- making the Nazi comparisons before all the evidence was in, and not extending any benefit of the doubt.

Anonymous said...

We must try to stop sinners from bearing more sin into this world. They have not found our Faith yet, so continue engaging in lustful activities rather than promoting love and God's laws. I am tired of supporting these sinners with taxes that go toward curing the ills their lust causes, and paying to imprison the sinful, disease-ridden, drug-addicted adults their children become.
Therefore, I would rather pay for these sinners not to have children now as opposed to paying to support them and the sinful children they bear later. We must stand together and encourage Obama to stop these ungodly sinners who cannot control their loins from creating more sinners.

James H said...

I sadly have to agree. There is also an very predicatable and indeed understandable reaction by the black community to defend President Obama. Everyone on all sides gets tribal in this debate. Sadly I am seeing a lot of African Americans too starting too pile on.

This is of course beyond sad but another wrinkle in how kicking this hornets nest has collateral damage