Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Thousand Year Old Sermon - Skip Ash Wednesday Service and Bad Things Happen ( Abbot of Eynsham )

Welcome to LENT 2012. Not Another Episcopal Church Blog has nice post that not only is testament to how ancient sshes in our liturgical rite is today , but also has a rather "friendly" warning if you decide too skip out on today.

From a thousand years ago Abbot of Eynsham informs us of the consequences at "Because He Had Refused Those Few Ashes"


APOV said...

All of this catholic baloney is just a bunch of superstition which has nothing to do with the Gospel of the Lord, Jesus of Nazareth. Bad things often happen to people who DO participate in the whole mardigraw foolishness, usually because of their drunkenness and debauchery, not because of any superstition. I have never participated in any ash wednesday or any other foolishness promoted by these people, and nothing has ever happen to me after ignoring 57 of their lent seasons. I am not going to turn around if I see a black cat, and I am not going to let some so-called "priest" smear any black gunk on my face.

James H said...

Well I agree with you that likely nothing is bad going to happen to a person if he misses Ash Wednesday. In fact it's not even a Holy Day of Obligation in the USA or the anywhere else I don't believe.

I just posed it because I thought it was slightly amusing and just shows how ancient this practice is