Thursday, February 16, 2012

Has Gov Bobby Jindal Accepted That Obama Will Be Reelected ( Cassidy Hire )

Congressman Cassidy made a significant addition to his staff yesterday that has some huge implications . The BOLDING is mine .

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) - Baton Rouge Congressman Bill Cassidy has hired Gov. Bobby Jindal's top campaign strategist to work on his 2012 re-election effort.Cassidy's tapping of Timmy Teepell as a consultant is prompting speculation Cassidy may launch a 2014 challenge to U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu, a Democrat. Cassidy is a Republican.Teepell told The Times-Picayune that Cassidy's campaign is the only Louisiana campaign on which he'll be working this year. Cassidy has no announced opponents.Teepell managed all of Jindal's successful congressional and gubernatorial campaigns and served as his chief of staff, before becoming a partner with OnMessage Inc., a political consulting firm. Landing Teepell is further evidence that Jindal will not make the race against Landrieu, who will be running for a fourth term. reelected

It is not clear yet to me that Mary is running again yet. But aside that I think this is a huge indication that Jindal is not running for U.S. Senate. It is hard to imagine , in fact very much impossible, Teepell would work against Jindal.

That leaves a somewhat disturbing thought if you are Republican. That perhaps Jindal , who everyone knows is ambitious, has calculated that the current flock of GOP hopefuls is not going to beat Obama already. Thus he is already assuming he might as well start thinking about running for President for 2016!!

Of course maybe he has other plans. Bobby Jindal is a smart cookie who know doubt could make some money in the private sector. A lot more than what he has recieved in the numerous political jobs he has held. So that has to be considered too. Still it is a curious development and one that seems to have happened early.

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