Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Episcopal Church Bigwig That Wants To Restrict Catholic Freedom Called Abortion an Blessing

I saw this today and noticed one of the people signing. See Major Mainstream Religious Leaders Support White House on Contraceptive Coverage In Health Care Reform

This Priestest AKA the Very Reverend Dr. Katherine Hancock Ragsdale who is a prominent signee on that document restricting Catholic relgious freedom also called Abortion an Blessing.

What Blessings shall she give us Catholics next ?


Micha Elyi said...

You do realize that Ms. Episcopal-Bigwig's denomination was founded on the principle that the head of state must be the head of her church, don't you? President Obama has spoken and she must obey.

James H said...

It appears that way does it not. Heck they might be the National Church since dispense the sacarament of abortion it appears