Thursday, February 16, 2012

American Leading Catholics Fighting For Religious Liberty For Both Christians and Muslims

One thing I mentioned Catholics can be proud of in this fight for relgious liberty is consistency among many of it's leaders. Sadly these leaders are not often Catholic Politicos. But as we see on both the left and right the tendency to run roughshod over religious liberty for goal x is a bipartisan affair.

However in the academy that sweats the details of the law as well as overriding policy trends it is different.

Some of the major players in this fight , that has up until down gone under the radar , are people like professor Robert George of Princeton, professor Richard Garnett of Nortre Dame, and professor Robert K. Vischer of University of St. Thomas Law School to name just a few.

Their concerns go beyond just protecting the "Church" , but all peoples of faith. They get the big picture including the big picture in this issue.

Professor Francis Beckwith , a professor at Baylor, notes with approval this piece that was posted First Things by Vischer. See The Dangers of Anti-Sharia Laws that just appears. First Things needless to say is not journal of the left , but a respected journal in the more "conservative" spectrum.

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