Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Is the Right Inconsistent on the Religious Liberty Rights of Muslims and the Catholic Church

The site Think Christian and it's contributor Stephen P. Hale rightly point out there seems to be a double standard among some on the "right" and the fight over Catholic Religious Liberty and the HHS Mandate. See Birth control, Catholicism and Sharia law.

There is also no doubt that all the Cable networks and much of the media will present stories that seem validate the views of their audiences sadly.

But is should be recalled that Constitutional rights are not predicated on one FOX news or Maddow at their opposite number MSNBC says. At least we hope not. Also just because the media in its headlines make this a "birth control" controversy instead of a fundamental religious liberty controversy does not make it so. See from Get Religion Media shirk debate on religious liberty on that score.

It goes beyond notice in the media sound bites that the lead legal voices such as the Becket Fund have are a lot more consistent than Sean Hannity. Strangely the Beckett Folks are portrayed as a bunch of right wingers at times.

One question Think Christian should be asking is why major league Catholic voices that have devoted themselves to religious liberty for both Catholic and Muslim rights are not being heard. I include in that list Law Prof Rob Vischer ( see Anti-Sharia Law 2.0 ) , Prof Francis Beckwith ( see The Dangers of Anti-Sharia Laws) , and last but not least the respected and influential Robert George ( See All American Muslim: An Open Letter). There are many others.

These people and many others are not getting on the TV or being consulted as to religious liberty issues in the MSM. Now in a sense this is understandable. I suppose Christians in the legal academy make boring TV. However they do make a case that must be heard. I applaud Think Christian for pointing out the obvious inconsistency. However lets works to get these voices heard that point out major problem with anti Sharia laws and the HHS mandate. There is a need for Religious liberty sake that they be heard. I would submit the issues are that important as to the HHS mandate.

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