Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pray Parents That You Don't Have An Upset Writer Child

Rod Dreher had an interesting column about a gay food writer that gets his issues out with family while writing about cake. See Mama Said ‘Let Him Eat Cake’

When I read this my first thought was of Frank Schaeffer son of late theologian and author Francis Schaeffer. The way he dealt with Father and Mother issues in print just gave me the impression of a very angry not very nice man.

There is a balance. I do not deny there is not a place for books ,and articles that deal with internal family issues so to be a help for others.

However I do think that does not should give every writer carte blanche that writes on recipes, auto mechanics, or ham radio to expose their family to that. Especially in this social media age. I read the comments sections to these pieces and everyone is giving gushing approval. I am not so sure. Families are complicated and not every hurt should be broadcasts to countless tens of thousands maybe millions . Like Rod notes I think many will regret it.

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