Thursday, February 23, 2012

United Methodist Church Doubles Down On Repressing Catholic Religious Freedom

I am really beyond words. I have a hard time thinking these words were not cleared by other people either.

Just because someone says their religious liberty is being infringed upon does not make it so. Just because the Catholic hierarchy says that birth control is a sin against God does not make it so.

My Dear Methodist friend that is not the point. We are arguing the right of a Church to conduct it's mission, to govern itself, and among other things the First Amendment , and the Freedom of Restoration Act.

Reformed Pastor has the rest at Master of the Irrelevant Analogy

I have no doubt my Methodist neighbors are all OK on birth control, sterilization, and perhaps a few on the morning after Pill. But from what I have heard from them they are pretty appalled that the Government is forcing this on a Church.


Anonymous said...

This is just continuous lying. The government is not trying to force sterilization, birth control pills, or morning after pills upon anybody. The reason that you have heard that people "are pretty apalled that the Government is forcing this on a Church" is that you have LIED to them and they have believed your LIES. There is no birth control mandate, people remain completely free to avail themselves of these birth control methods or to abstain from them as they see fit. Americans are completely free to procreate to their hearts content. There is no proposal that birth control be forced upon anyone.

James H said...

THe Church is mandate to help provide this and even take a role in paying for it. At the very least we are talking in Catholic Tehology in copperation with evil in material way. ANd that is just step one of the Catholic analysis.

So yes there is a mandate. Ethicists that are not even Catholic have no problem seeing why the Catholic Church and Catholic employers and other Christians are taking this position.

People can disagree with it but it is not lying