Thursday, February 16, 2012

Archbishop of Milwaukee Listecki Questions Why Governor Scott Walker Is Being Recalled ( He is Right )

OH goodness I can hear the howls from the left and the Catholic left now. SEE THEY ARE IN POLITICS.

Badger Catholic has MJS: Abp Listecki questions recall drive against Walker, respects his leadership

I largely agree with that train of thought the Archbishop has.

When people wanted to recall Congressman Cao in New Orleans because he simply won I was horrified. Though I think it's pretty clear that such an effort would bea non starter as he was a Federal officeholder.

The only experience I have that was in 1992 when there was effort to recall Governor Edwin Edwards after he won. I did not sign that even though no doubt in knew in the PAST EWE had corruption issues. Elections matter ,and I really don't want to be like some Post World War II Italian Government that is falling every five minutes.

As the Archbishop said :
You have a recall when you have corruption, you have clearly something that's done that's illegal," Listecki said. "If there was something which was morally detrimental to society, I think you do that."Otherwise," he continued, "you have an election, you live with an election for four years, and you vote the person out of office.”

Wise words and thankfully the norm here in the USA for the most part. I have conflicting views on the Judicial recalls though I have not come to a conclusion on. However as to the Executive and Legislative. Well elections matter.

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Grow up, little man. Hell beckons.