Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Daily Kos Writer Talks Alternative Ways of Pleasuring a Wife and Catholic Sharia Law ( Birth Control Mandate)

A Daily Kos Staff writer goes into a wide rants on things from a to z on the Catholic Bishops, how to please your female partner without a penis, Viagra , and what I most troubled by "Catholic Sharia Law" . See In birth control fight, Catholic bishops take hard stance on Viagra .

From the outset I am amazed that progressives don't seem to get a political faction being so openly hostile toward a faith is rather bad optics. Maybe it's just me.

First to sex before I tackle the problem of use of Islam scare words in the progressive napalm approach.

I never have quite got how Viagra is a part of this debate but those supporting the Obama birth control mandate surely are trying to make it.

Ohhhhhhh. So when Bob Dole started shilling for Viagra at the age of 75, obviously, it was because he was concerned about men not being able to impregnate their wives, right? That's why all the ads you see for erectile dysfunction medication feature sad young childless couples who just want to be able to procreate, as the Catholic Church dictates. Right?.

Umm no. The Catholic Church does not teach and that sex after a woman has had the "change" is illicit. I have no idea where she is coming from with this. Catholic theologians and others might argue over this and that as to Viagra ( we deabte a lot) but Church teaching. NO!

It has nothing to do with old men who can't get it up and apparently can't figure out how to please their partners in a non-insert-penis-somewhere way. Or they just don't care.

Uhh what? Well that is kind of eeewww. But to be blunt some Catholic married women's might still like the sexual function of the married partner's sexual organ. It appears in this Daily Kos's writer's personal world who NEEDS THEM. OK enough of that before I get in trouble..

But then we get to though what I find most troubling ,and I will continue to point out and call out.

After all, that's the only not-sinful reason to have sex, isn't it? Just ask poster child for Catholic sharia law Rick Santorum.

Ok full stop. I will double down on this link I wrote about this trend here at Progressives Calling Bishops Views on Birth Control Sharia Law ? and my concerns

Religious liberty is precious ,and both the left ,and right to get to a goal at times run roughshod over it. Progressives need to look in the mirror ,and see if they are doing the exact same things they rightly criticized the right for.

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