Thursday, February 23, 2012

Empire State Building Declines To Light Up For Their New Cardinal - Archbishop Dolan

Well that is kinda of sad ,and I say that knowing they get countless requests a year to light up special for someone. However its not so much for the man but the fact that New York City is again a Cardinal See. That is a quite a honor in the World still I think . Something that perhaps should not be taken so much for granted.

..This secularization calls for a creative strategy of evangelization, and I want to detail seven planks of this strategy.1. Actually, in graciously inviting me to speak on this topic, “The Announcement of the Gospel Today, between missio ad gentes and the new evangelization,” my new-brother-cardinal, His Eminence, the Secretary of State, asked me to put in into the context of secularism, hinting that my home archdiocese of New York might be the “capital of a secular culture.”As I trust my friend and new-brother-cardinal, Edwin O’Brien -- who grew up in New York -- will agree, New York -- without denying its dramatic evidence of graphic secularism -- is also a very religious city.There one finds, even among groups usually identified as materialistic -- the media, entertainment, business, politics, artists, writers -- an undeniable openness to the divine!..

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