Thursday, February 2, 2012

Five States 600 Million Dollar Lawsuit Against the Vatican Dismissed in Mississippi Federal Court

I am pretty amazed I am having the learn of the dismissal of this lawsuit via Vatican Radio. See Important case in the US against the Vatican dismissed

I am furthered amazed that past Insurance Commissioners Mississippi, Tennessee, Missouri, Oklahoma and Arkansas brought such an idiotic case and wanted to sue the Holy See for 600 million dollars!!


Unknown said...

"The plaintiffs in the case withdrew their claims definitively due to an absence of evidence supporting the accusations." On this basis, I hope that Attorney Lena is proceeding with filing a bar complaint against the attorneys representing these fake "clients". They are greedy, opportunist and dishonest lawyers, they need to be disbar and strip off the license to practice law. In practicing law, the ABA Rules of Professional Responsibilities clearly state that an attorney cannot file a suite absence of evidence supporting the accusation, to state it bluntly you cannot just throw cupcakes against the wall and hope they stick. These attorneys are an embarrassment to the legal profession, because they do not interest in justice just the cash.

James H said...

I am just shocked State officials went along with this.