Saturday, January 7, 2012

Mitt Romney Gets Major Catholic Endorsements - Five Former Ambassadors To the Holy See ( Vatican )

The battle for what I call the observant Orthodox we take this pro life family stuff seriously Catholic vote is underway in the GOP race for the nomination. Mitt Romney got a huge boost in that department.

Lopez at National Review has Catholics and Mormon Together that has the letter of 5 former United States Envoys to the Holy See where they endorse Romney.

Of particular note are two former envoys though all names there are big one. The first is Democrat Ray Flynn. Who was such a player in Pennsylvania and Philadelphia politics.

However of particular note is Mary Ann Glendon that has been a major player in Pro Life activities at the Holy See itself before her appointment.

To say that Mary Ann Glendon is respected in conservative Catholic circles is an understatement. Recall not too long ago she said she could could not accept American Catholicism's highest honor , Laetare Medal but declined the award due to Notre Dame's controversial decision to host Barack Obama as its commencement speaker and bestow upon him an honorary degree.

Among other things besides being an incredible respected Law Prof at Harvard and former Envoy to the Holy See she was:

-first female President of the Roman Catholic Church s Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences

-In 1995, she was the Vatican representative to the international 1995 Beijing Conference on Women sponsored by the United Nations

-was appointed by President Bush to the President's Council on Bioethics

She is a player. I have often thought that Romney could her use in particular to refute he was not "pro life" enough. Very few people are going to call her a hack after her lifetime work.

These envoys that have made contribution to the Church outside being envoy is a big get for Romney. Let's see if he knows how to use it.

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