Sunday, January 22, 2012

Can't Put Pope Benedict In A Box - The Neocatechumenal Way

Its always interesting when public figures don't follow the established story line that others have fixed for them. We see that with Pope Benedict in a huge way in how he is portrayed.

The new Liturgy translation recently caused a avalanche of the Pre Vatican II bad ole Benedict articles variety. Therefore I took some interest that events of last week hardly did not merit a peep from the peanut gallery. See Benedict XVI embraces Neocatechumenals

The "Way" is a controversial group and to say the least some more Traditional Catholic folks are not pleased at this. Also it's clear that Benedict still might have some concerns. See Father Z's The Holy See did NOT approve NeoCat liturgical variants for Mass. However regardless we are seeing quite an openess from the Pontiff as to a Catholic movement that is well not very "traditional" .

None of this fits the Pope Benedict story line of course we see in the press. Which is one reason why most people will not read about it.

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