Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Vanderbilt Catholics Unites For Religious Freedom and Association On Campus Today ( Wearing White Nationwide )

Students at Texas A & M Wear White In Support of Religious Freedom At Vanderbilt University

Well it appears folks nationwide are protesting the absurd new policy at Vanderbilt University today that attacks religious freedom and association. See Why I'm wearing white

Also see the above video. The very dynamic Vanderbilt Catholic group ( Where we have the very dynamic FOCUS involvement too) have been in the front lines of this too.

Legally no doubt these groups are not in a great position. It's a private University so they can do things a public University cannot. However I find it astonishing that this is going on at what we are told is the academic Jewel of the South Eastern Conference. If you are on Twitter follow the hash tag #wearevanderbilttoo


Anotherazn said...

Attacks religious freedom and association? It does no such thing. As the administration stated for over 3 hours yesterday, it simply wishes for all organizations to embrace and all-comers policy and the policy that any person can run for office if they so desire. It says nothing about restricting what any organization, religious or otherwise, can do.

James H said...

I am afraid that is not what it does. It basically says religious belief or belief period can't be a qualification for leadership.

So basicall one could have a Catholic head the Baptist Student Union after he converted and he could not be removed for instance.

I listened watched the coverage of the feel last night.

It's an interference in internal religious affairs governance