Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Catholic Gay Group Dignity Still Upset Over Words Pope Benedict Did Not Say

A few weeks ago I was talking to with a person that helps produce a rather good Catholic TV show about Cardinal George of Chicago's comments connecting the anti Catholicism of the KKK and some in the Gay rights movement.

This person asked me if I thought this was helpful rhetoric in talking with our Catholic brothers and sisters that have degrees of same sex attraction. To be more precise as she put it in the LGBT community.

I responded that while I knew what he was getting at I would have offered another example. However one subject I did not broach was what about the not helpful rhetoric coming out of spokespeople for Catholic LGBT.

It appears one group that is not helpful in their own rhetoric is among many Dignity.

Despite the fact that the Pope's recent speech to the Diplomatic Corp has been clarified , see Gay marriage a threat to journalism’s future at Get Religion and Yes the pope is Catholic. But he didn't say gay marriage threatens humanity via the UK Guardian , from some rather horrific reporting it appears many are ignoring the facts. In fact at this late date they are doubling down.

One of those people is a columnist at the Huff Post. See Gay Catholic Group Responds to Pope's Homophobic Comments (AUDIO) where despite the actual TEXT and the above links she does not seem to care. As you can see DIGNITY USA, which is the main Catholic LGBT Advocacy group we see in the media, might be doubling down too.

I say might because its not clear when this conversation happened or how "immediate it was" . The text of the Pope's speech was pretty much up in ENGLISH when the misleading reports came out. Someone should have checked them. Regardless there was press afterwards that I saw linked (such as the ones above) that pretty much showed this was a made up story.

The fact remain that Dignity should have checked the text and if they are still putting words in the Pope's mouth should be called out on it. The fact that the DIGNITY USA has this highlighted on their web page today shows at the very least they don't care.

WORDS matter and until we get that basic premise down there shall be little hope of a civil conversation. That even applies to people that have Masters in Theology from Weston Jesuit School of Theology in Cambridge, Mass.

Let's now review again the supposed homophobic remarks of the Pope out of this huge address.

In addition to a clear goal, that of leading young people to a full knowledge of reality and thus of truth, education needs settings. Among these, pride of place goes to the family, based on the marriage of a man and a woman. This is not a simple social convention, but rather the fundamental cell of every society. Consequently, policies which undermine the family threaten human dignity and the future of humanity itself. The family unit is fundamental for the educational process and for the development both of individuals and States; hence there is a need for policies which promote the family and aid social cohesion and dialogue. It is in the family that we become open to the world and to life and, as I pointed out during my visit to Croatia, “openness to life is a sign of openness to the future”.[3] In this context of openness to life, I note with satisfaction the recent sentence of the Court of Justice of the European Union forbidding patenting processes relative to human embryonic stem cells, as well as the resolution of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe condemning prenatal selection on the basis of sex.

Where is the word gay?

I must wonder is it really shocking that the Pope is saying that the Fundamental cell of society is a marriage between a man and a woman. In fact I have to think even if one thinks gay marriage is A OK you know we still got to reproduce. As one lesbian comedian put it there are few scriptures on gay stuff but over 500 dealing with Heterosexual stuff. It does not mean God loves heterosexuals less but heterosexual sex and unions is a messy business.

The Pope here in fact goes into and links pro life concerns. NO GAY MENTIONED.

There is always a danger when the Pope talks that Western Folks often see their concerns ONLY mentioned.

I have no doubt the Pope does not think gay marriage is a great idea but he also sees other threats.

No doubt this list could include to name a few:
Lax Divorce laws.
Immigration laws that tear apart families .
Laws regarding porn.
Policies that do not support the economic lives of families.
Civil Union Laws that might affect the Institution of marriage.
Laws that don't encourage the procreation aspect of marriage ( UMM China )

The list could go on and on becausethe Church HAS SPOKE ON THESE AND MORE. Not everything involves gay people.

I don't think I will change many people's mind in the pro gay marriage camp ,and I suspect they will not change mine. But beyond that Intelligent adults have to act in a responsible manner as to this. Civic dialogue demands this. That means people of good will no matter than position have to demand some good ground rules. Making up words and putting them in the mouth of the Pope seems to violate one.


Kurt said...

That is one of the most thoughtful, balanced and fair reflections on this tooic I have seen from a conservative. Thank you.

James H said...

Thank you