Friday, January 13, 2012

The Pope Watches the Circus, Sees Crocodiles, and Talks the Eucharist - Jan 11 2012 Wednesday Audience Full Text

The Circus was In Town


Been a while since I published and linked the full text of a Wednesday Audience. The one this past Wednesday has a very Eucharistic theme. The full English Text should be up at that Vatian link very soon.

A note on that Gator pic or to be more specific crocodile. The man pictured in the Pic above and others were representatives from the zoological garden of the city of Rome, which is celebrating its hundredth anniversary. That animal species of Cuban crocodile, which survives only in a tiny portion of protected wetland in Cuba. After being returned to health it will be returned to Cuba which by the way the Pope is going to this year.

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