Thursday, January 19, 2012

Is the Catholic Church Ignoring English Speaking Latinos ?

This is from a very Evangelical angle but of course one wonders if this possible dynamic is happening in Catholic Circles.

There has been some thought expressed to me a Priest or two that perhaps the Diocesan Hispanic Ministry offices we see around the country might not be interested in this dynamic enough.

For instance why put resources into English speaking classes and trying to integrate Spanish speaking Catholic immigrants into the local worship community more. Let's just have a Spanish Mass and thus we can keep out grants and more reason for our existence.

Not saying that is WIDESPREAD but I have heard that complaint before from some that are close to the situation.

I am not against Spanish Masses heavens no. But I think this article brings up a good point. The question is does the Catholic Church at times have the same problem perhaps in some Dioceses?

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