Thursday, January 26, 2012

Interview with Bishop Bruslewitz From Vocation Rich Diocese of Lincoln Nebraska

National Catholic Register has interview up with Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz of the Diocese of Lincoln Nebraska. See How Bishop Bruskewitz Built Up the Church on the PlainsRead more.

Bishop Bruslewitz is one of the Bishops as well as his Diocese that we conservatives point too and GO LOOK AT THIS. For a Diocese of 100,000 the fact he has ordained just for his Diocese 67 Priests in the last 20 years is something. The fact he has currently 38 seminarians also must show to even his harshest critics he is doing something right. I think Bishop Bruslewitz is not above criticism in some of administrative choices but still it appears things are going well there. With the caveat that all Dioceses have their problems I suppose.

What is interesting to me it is the Bishop is 76. Most Bishops seem to retire around the age of 75. In fact it is expected that they Bishops submit their voluntary resignation to the Pope at 75. It appears that has not been acted on here , and the article does not give us any hints he is retiring soon. Though the fact alone that the article appears today might fuel spectualtion that time is coming.

The successor of this Diocese will be largely watched. I also expect Bishop Bruslewitz will have some thoughts on that subject that he will no doubt convey.

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