Thursday, January 26, 2012

Jeb Bush and GOP Immigration Issues Pickle

On the issue of immigration reform and the Latino vote many Republicans are finding themselves in quite a pickle.

Governor Rick Perry seemed to get that "tone" and compromise mattered as to this emotional issue. He was sophisticated enough to get the diverse Latino vote and viewpoints. Sadly he was a dud in the debates and now he is gone.

The only other person that seems to get "tone" matters is Newt Gingrich. One can complain validly that Newt has electability issues, but as to the Latino vote he has engaged it. Mitt Romney on the other heads seems just to veer hard right all the time on this issue. Why I don't know. He must have smart people looking ahead to the general election that can read the numbers.

Sadly Senator Rick Santorum does not seem to offer much alternative. He as one widely read Catholic pundit and supporter of his said "he has room to grow". Well I think that is putting it kindly.

So we have numerous people that seem friendly to Romney that no doubt have concerns about this. Think Republican elements of the Chamber of Commerce for instance.

Which brings us to the immigration GOP article of the day from former Gov Jeb Bush. Jeb , though not endorsing Romney, seems friendly to him if reports are right. So Jeb in the Washington Post talks into the hurricane winds of this issue at Four ways Republicans can win Hispanics back.

Jeb Bush is very careful ( perhaps too careful) in not talking directly about some of the hot button issues around immigration reform that cause emotions to fly off the handle. But the message is clear. TONE and ideas matter.

Personally my fantasy scenario at this point is a brokered convention where the delegates rally behind Jeb as Prez. Of course that plan b is unlikley to happen , but it is what gets through this primary season so far.

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