Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Opus Dei Boys School For Conservative Catholics In Washington D.C Area.

The New York Times has a small but interesting piece on the Catholic School for boys in the D.C. area ( Maryland) for Conservative Catholics which by implication means quite a list of more conservative Catholic politicos. See Heralded School Draws Conservative Catholics in Washington

The Opus Dei connection is of course highlighted. However as the article points out very few if any students end up joining the order as Lay folks. Which is one indication that some of the "scare" stories about Opus Dei are just that. Scare stories.


Kurt said...

The school is not in Washington, DC. During their wild, liberal days they school was located in DC where the students might have had a chance of seeing a homeless person, a poor person or even a middle class Black man. They have since moved the kids to the far and exclusive suburbs where there is no chance of that happening.

James H said...

AH I met to so say they were D.C. Metro. I will correct