Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Refuses Kidney Transplant Because Child Has Mental Retardation ( Updated )

WOW I had not idea this was even legal in the United States to refuse on this basis. See from the side wolfhirschhorn.org this parents post Brick Walls

THe Anchroess is hopping mad over at her post . See You love your kid? Too bad!

Louisiana blogger from New Orleans Bird on A Street has some personal thoughts on this. She is not happy either.


eddiott said...

this is inhumamine, whether a gennetic flaw exsists or not, doctors don't say but regardless this is a violation of her civil rights, i hope the parents take legal action against this hospital if i were them i would contact the ACLU and get em' where in counts....

James H said...

I was pretty shocked. I a just assumed some type of Federal Legisation prohbited this