Tuesday, January 24, 2012

National Park Service Flirting With Viewpoint Discrimination With Occupy Movement ?

See So #Occupy does 'First Amendment sleeping?'

The National Park Service and the Interior department need to be very careful here. I keep hitting on the problems of future viewpoint discrimination in the future as various agencies deal with Occupy.

I can think of many groups that could have "occupation" of territory as part of its message . What about the Environmental groups? What about people that want to ride four wheelers out rest on Federal land? What about people that want the economic assets on National Park land and Forests to be used in a more aggressive manner. Will they be treated differently than Occupy in the future if they wish to have an "occupation " of territory? What if a couple of hundred people from the March of Life we had yesterday decided to have an occupation of the park at issue as a part of it's message. Would they be or will they be treated different in the future?

My issue is not with the merits of OCCUPY , but that in the future we don't see discrimination as to other viewpoints.

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