Saturday, January 14, 2012

Even Vatican Officials Talking About Tim Tebow ( Good Article )


See Vatican Voice Comments on 'Tebow-mania' . It is actually a very good article. I like this part ( the person the Priest is referencing must be now Mississippi State Head Coach Dan Mullen ) :

......ZENIT: Do you see Tim Tebow's public expression of faith as a positive or negative phenomenon? Certainly it is drawing a lot of attention to Christ, in one form or another ...
Father Lixey: The hype over Tim Tebow is certainly an interesting phenomenon in an ever more secularized world. I consider it something very positive. Even at the college level, while quarterback for the Florida Gators during the 2009 Bowl Championship Series title contest, Tebow wrote "John 3:16" on his eye black. The Palm Beach Post reported that 92 million people Googled the verse following the game ... impressive!

But, it is not the mere public expression of faith -- as Tebow drops a knee to give thanks after a touchdown, or prays with other players who include teammates and opponents after the game -- that is attracting people; it is his entire person.
I had the chance to speak with the offensive coordinator who coached Tim at the Florida Gators. He said he was a very unique player who was spiritually on another stratosphere with respect to the rest of the team. Yet, Tim was respected by his teammates because he was genuine. And this is the point I would like to touch on. As one reporter
noted (Chuck Klosterman, Dec. 6, 2011): "This, I think, is what makes Tebow so maddening to those who hate him: He refuses to say anything that would validate the suspicion that he's fake (or naïve or self-righteous or dumb)." ..

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Kurt said...

I think Tebow is very sincere. Obviously, the work he and his father do to convert the Catholics of the Phillipines to "Christianity" is not something I endorse. But both the USA and the Phillipines are free countries and they have every legal right to convince these folks to leave the Catholic Church and join their faith.