Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Media Coverage Lacking on Opening Weekend Of Bishops Offensive Against Obama Birth Control Mandate

Get Religion has a ton of links of interest packed into this piece Catholics outraged, media unimpressed.

This is going to be a daily matter on this blog as best as I can find relevant material to link.

Catholics and other concerned parties should not be putting their hope in two baskets.

One that a Republican will be elected President and the regualtion will be removed


That the Court system will overturn this law. I am quite frankly not as optimistic as some that the Courts will overturn this law. Further the Court system moves at a glacier pace and in some Dioceses the damage might be done , depending on Circuit they are in, by the time the ( and this is a big IF they take it ) the Supreme Court decided to take the case.

Direct political heat must be applied to the Obama administration on this. Perhaps someone will make the political caculation this is not worth it and the new regulation will be withdrawn. I still think that is plausiable and I suspect that's the Bishops hope.

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