Thursday, January 19, 2012

Some Common Sense On Catholic Blogs and Canon Law

I have mentioned that the Louisiana Bishops ( or perhaps their Lawyers) took notice of my blog once. I had each of the Diocese's Crest on the side bar.

There was a effort to get that Crest ( really a heraldic sheild ) copyrighted and for use just for their Diocese so as to maintain some control. So Bishop Duca called me up explained the problem very nicely and I said not problem they are gone.

No one asked me to to take the Catholic off the OPINIONATED :)

Recent developments have brought out the issue of people, groups, etc using the word Catholic. Canon Lawyer Ed Peters is quoted here about the reality of this. DON'T Panic.

See Ed Peters brings his customary sanity…


Anonymous said...

Isn't the word "catholic" simply an adjective which means universal? And wasn't the name "Roman Catholic Church" coined to mean that Rome was rising up to try to dominate and control the whole of the religion? I don't see how they can stop anybody from using the word "catholic" in any context which they want to use it. But, of course, the name "Roman Catholic Church" is a completely different matter.

James H said...

Well I think as a Civil Matter they cannot.

But as to internal Church law and discipline they might