Friday, January 13, 2012

More Catholic Push Back on I Hate Religion But Love Jesus VID

Yesterday I commented on that video that has gone viral and all the rage at Catholics Look At the Why I Hate Religion , But Love Jesus Video . I gave a few observations of mine own , but the main purpose of that link was to provide what I though were two of the best Catholics posts on the subject. They struck a balance between what was right and was very wrong about it.

That being said there has been some more push back. Elizabeth Esther has a good post that also serves a "balance" in primarily focusing on what IS REALLY wrong about it. See Why hating religion but loving Jesus is impossible

I happen to think "I hate Religion but Love Jesus" is not such a far distant cousin from " I am not Religious but Spiritual" which has the same rather distressing results in some ways.

Again as the first links I provided, he has a point. But as Elizabeth sort of points out hey look in the mirror.

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