Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Was There A Conspiracy To Edit Lilith Out Of The Bible ?

This is what happens when the History Channel is a prime Catechist for Kids on their faith.

The History Channel with their shows on early Christianity is not the only culprit. But they like others who uncritically put out a "expert" that talks things like the Lilith myth are part of the big picture.

Mark Shea has a good piece up on this at the National Catholic Register. See Was Lilith Edited out of the Bible?

Alice Linsley over at Just Genesis also makes good points here at the The Myth of Lilith . As she points out the Lilith Myth would be foreign to the ancestors of Abraham ( The Horite Priesthood ?) from which both he Jewish and Christian Faith sprung in part. Nor does it appear we see a similar Myth in the other African Creation stories.

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Alice Linsley said...

I saw that segment and I thought it was typical of TV docu-dramas. I can hardly call it "historical" research.

Lilith comes from a Babylonian context and represents the secondary legends of the Askenazi rabbis. It is akin to the account of Nimrod being cut into 14 pieces. Nimrod later gets renamed Osirus. Abraham's Horite caste did not hold any of these views.