Saturday, January 21, 2012

Gay Folks Are "Cheap Labor" For Catholic Church ?

It is truly amazing how so many smart talented people can be well just so stupid at times. For some it might be they live in some echo chamber ,and in fact are not very sophisticated at all. Though that thought would never ever enter their mind.

Which brings us to a unintentionally hilarious article at the The New Civil Rights Movement - What’s The Real Reason The Catholic Church Wants To Keep Gays Oppressed?

Mr Scott Rose , besides being a novelist and freelance writer , is apparent need of an intervention. He reminds me of a friend of mine that was a birther. He became obsessed with the Obama birth certificate issue. Soon he was hanging out with people that were similarly obsessed , and I was hearing about the various scary "them" and "they" that were involved in a conspiracy. To him this was sane thinking. To the rest of us it was just BONKERS. Mr Rose appears to have fallen into that camp.

The first comment to the article about sums this up:

WOW as a gay Catholic I am totally offended with your stupidity. Half of your information is totally inaccurate.

I think that is being generous.

We must not ignore, furthermore, that the Church also is misogynist. Nuns get hidden away doing the worst of the dirty work and are never seen wearing fancy garments and drinking fine wines out of golden chalices..

What bad movie is this based on? Oh and let me tell as regular communicant of the Body and Blood of Christ I am not sure the "fancy wines" we use for the Consecration is going to be winning any awards.

How does the Church intimidate gay people into signing up for lifetimes of poverty, hard work and (ostensibly) celibacy? By socially stigmatizing gay human beings and driving young gay people to despair about their chances for satisfying adult domestic lives, the Church as good as tortures young gay people into signing up to be priests and nuns. The fall-off in the number of young people signing up for lifetimes slaving for the Church corresponds almost precisely to the gradually increasing social acceptance of gay human beings. The Church knows that and — at the expense of gay people’s basic human rights — is lashing out in attempts to protect its business interests and historical business plan.

So every Priest and Nun is gay? Also it appears the Church is saying now that people with strong inclinations of Same Sex attraction should not be ordained. Now that is actually quite controversial even among conservative traditional Catholics. I am not sure I quite agree with that either. But regardless that seems to be going against the Church's "business plan" that Mr Rose has dreamed up.

He also throws in Galileo and Hitler because you know what article about the Catholic Church on any subject would not be complete without them.

If you know Mr Rose INTERVENE. Encourage him to step back from the ledge ,and spend more time with his dogs and his boat.

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