Friday, January 6, 2012

Louisiana Catholic Bishops To Visit Pope Benedict This Month ( January 2012)

I took note of several Louisiana Catholic Bishops schedules today and saw they shall be making their visit to the Pope and the Holy See at the end of the month starting January 22. In fact all Region V Bishops in the United States shall be going at the same time. Those include Bishops in Alabama, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee. This is known as a ad limina visit which happens about every 5 years.

There has been some significant changes now that the Pope is meeting with Bishops as a group which all parties are finding more productive in the back and forth it seems. Of course there are various other meeting with other important folks the Bishops must attend.

The Cardinal of Boston recently did a excellent blog post on his experience and what happens.

Hopefully Louisiana secular newspapers and TV might try to do some coverage and interviews with the Bishops before and after the big event.

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