Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ann Coulter's Column on Catholics and Rick Santorum Strokes Controversy

I will probably vote for Buddy Roemer out of Louisiana allegiance and because I have not thought he was treated fairly. However as to the two likely possible hopefuls Romney and Santorum I am still on the fence. I am leaning toward Romney but Santorum might be able to convince me if some concerns of mine are met.

That being said a column Ann Coulter ( which I don't hold Romney responsible for) is really relly to much. I don't think these two Catholic bloggers are alone in their disgust.

Pro Ecclesia has Ann Coulter ... Anti-Catholic Bigot [UPDATED]
The well read Father Z has Ann Coulter’s nonsensical remarks about Santorum the Catholic

Now I am not blaming Romney for this. In fact Ann Coulter often likes to go for the reaction and to be provocative . So though she appears to be backing Romney I have a feeling her first allegiance is to herself.

Still this was a nasty piece of work and I hope Conservative Republicans renounce it or distance themselves from it no matter who they support.


Jay Anderson said...

I don't blame Romney for Coulter's screed. I blame Romney for being a pro-abort, big-government, health-care mandating liberal RINO.

I blame him that, over the last two election cycles, he seems to be the sort of candidate that has attracted the sort of political commentators as hangers on who are willing to spread dirt to do his bidding.

Kurt said...

Ann Coutler says being Catholic only makes you a conservative 60% of the time. She has a point.

James H said...

Well Jay I agree he has people that spread dirt. But goodness it seems people in the Perry Camp are just as vicious but yep you are right he does have a hbit of naplaming

James H said...

Well Kurt I think you have a point. But what sort of rankles me about her comments also is she fails to see any sort of diversity in among conservatives which is sort of a fractured bunch with different ethos. THe way she added the religious card there with her tone just annoyed me.

Kurt said...


I agree her tone was nasty (gee, Ann Coulter's tone was nasty; and the sun came up this morning!).

But while we can point to Catholic influences within conservatism (as well as within liberalism), in the end, one really can't both be an orthodox conservative and an orthodox Catholic, right?