Friday, June 3, 2011

Remember This Old Popular Jesus Picture ( Harry Anderson)

RECALL THIS!! This was popular I think a good bit in the 70's. A Priest talks about how he ran across this picture and had questions about it's origins. See Caritas in Veritate post Will they let me in?

Now let me say I think this is was popular. I told him I thought it had Seventh Day Adventist origins because I knew I ran across it before. My Grandmother was a strong Adventist and I knew I saw this and other similar like art work before on her books and magazines and tracts she was always giving my family to read. But it strikes me as something that would have been popular outside the Adventist circle and I think it was.

Well appears I was right. This is the work of the famous Illustrator Harry Anderson I find out.
He did some quite famous religious and non religious stuff that people will recognize. See his stuff here.

I did not connect the name to the artwork till today. If you scroll through there it talks about the significant way his work appeared in Adventist Church related items which is why I guess I picked up on that theme when I see the rest of items too.

Ah a sort of trip down memory lane.

I always recalled I felt a disconnect between the pictures (AHH look it's Jesus holding hands with modern day children) and the it's the last Last Days everyone is going to kill the Adventists constant message I was hearing and reading in the tracts.

As I took a later interest in Catholicism these rather good and interesting pictures even gave me a more negative feeling since Adventist have a very much Anti Catholic Church viewpoint since that plays a critical role in the theology.

But that was my background. Time has past and my grandmother always loved me though I joined the Catholic Church. I really enjoy looking at them today.

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