Friday, June 3, 2011

Catholic Campus Minister At Texas A & M Says Their Success is Not Rocket Science

Yep I am on this theme again. Build it, invest in it, give it the right Catholic Christ Center focus and they will come.

See Saying 'Howdy' to the Faith At Texas A&M, Mass and the Sacraments Draw Students

The Good Father makes this point:

“There’s not some magic here that makes this the only place this can be done,” Father Konderla said. “It is being done in a number of other places around the country, and it is terribly important that all of us do it and do it well, because we have 90% of our Catholic students at secular schools like A&M.

“It’s too important to the mission of the Church in the United States not to do this well

EXACTLY! Yet all factions of Catholic media focus is on the problem of Catholic Colleges. Well I cannot do a lot about some Catholic Colleges that have board of directors and Orders that seem to be an authority to themselves and are questionable.

However we all can get influence here. These are secular colleges that most of us went too and have an investment in. We can go to the Bishop and say hey we want to invest in our future Catholics at the the LSU's , the Florida States, the OSU's ,the USC's etc etc of the USA.

I can't have much influence over what happens at Georgetown. But personally Catholics in Dioceses can come together and make sure that Campus Ministry happens. If Texas A &M were the norm and other like it we would not be facing some of these problems.

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