Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Archbishop Of Philadelphia To Be Named Today ??? This Week???

Like Today. Like in maybe the next hour? See From Michael Winters of all people
Philly Sweepstakes from yesterday.

Well time is running out but perhaps they wanted to catch the evening news. YET so far not a peep? Yet I got to think Winters would not just put something out there like this without some confidence

YET the web page the Vatican reads and Phillys own Whispers on the Loggia there is not a peep or a "whisper". Which means either he has been put under super duper secret probation under the fear of the rack, or perhaps will get some special media access when it happens, or it aint happening. Nothing on his tweeter account either.

He is not about to get scooped in his own backyard when he knowst he night before even who will be Bishops of a Catholic Diocese way out in cow and goat land awhere the local radio station signs off at 6pm with the national anthem .

Nothing in the media and I got to think we would be hearing. YET WINTERS seemed confident and no clarification. SO maybe if not today maybe this week.

Winters does say :

So, maybe we will have an announcement tomorrow, maybe not. Maybe one of the men listed above will get the nod, maybe a dark horse will leap frog over them. Stay tuned.

What's curious is Whispers in the Loggia has not mentioned this Winter thing , WHICH IS BIG NEWS , at his twitter account which well you can read that TWO ways. So who knows. Maybe I am overestimating how "in" Winters is in but I don't think you just put that in NCR on a whim

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