Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Louisiana Republican "Pro Life" Rep John LaBruzzo Is Out Of Control

I will try to explain where blogger CENLAMAR is wrong as to other parts of this post later on. However he has a this quote at LaBruzzo’s Dilemma

....Now, Mr. LaBruzzo’s back in the national news. He’s currently proposing a bill that would directly challenge Supreme Court precedent and ban all abortions in Louisiana, except in the event that a mother’s life is in danger. Recently, he compared women who seek abortions to drug users. When the bill was up for discussion in committee, LaBruzzo said, “It doesn’t matter if you’ve voted for every pro-life bill that’s come to this committee. This is THE pro-life bill. This is THE pro-life bill. And I’d think you’d be in a difficult situation if you voted against this bill and tried to convince everybody that you are adamantly pro-life.” John LaBruzzo, you see, owns this issue: Either you vote for his radical bill– a bill that some believe could threaten a woman’s fundamental access to birth control– or you’re against human life. ....

The arrogance of that statement is breath taking. Who else is Rep La Bruzzo's saying is not perhaps really pro-life? Well to name a few:

Louisiana Right to Life, Ben Clapper, Executive Director
Louisiana Family Forum, Gene Mills, Executive Director
Louisiana Conference of Catholic Bishops, Danny Loar, Executive Director
Louisiana Baptist Convention, Dr. John Yeats, Director of Communications

See from them A Call to Reason–Prudent response to La HB 645 I agree with all that except :

....We emphasize that we do not question the good intentions of Rep. Labruzzo, a committed pro-life legislator, in filing this bill. We do, however, question whether the potential negative impact of the bill, as drafted by an out of state group with no experience in Louisiana law, is sufficiently understood.....

Well since you folks are too polite to say I will. I wish to EMPHASIZE I am questioning the intentions of this pro-life legislator and if he just wants attention focused on him verus the unborn child.

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