Thursday, June 2, 2011

St. Augustine Parents and Alumni Make Huge Mistake In War With Archbishop of New Orleans Over Paddling

I am not sure who is giving them advice but this LAWSUIT was a very bad idea. I actually sort of support the parents here and their position to some degree. See Archbishop Aymond, contradicting St. Augustine alumni, says he has first-hand accounts of paddling injuries

....But Aymond said the lawsuit is having the opposite effect, even though in naming Applewhite, it does not involve him directly.

“I believe the lawsuit calls into question my integrity and my honesty as a leader,” Aymond said. “Therefore, I have to be judicious in how I respond.

“But it is precisely the lawsuit that has prevented me from going to the table. I cannot and will not go to the table while a lawsuit is pending on this.

“As soon as the lawsuit is settled I will go to the table.”

All sides in this need to be careful how they move. Little things like this become those silly things that affect people's entire Faith sometimes.

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