Monday, June 6, 2011

More Concern About Anti Bully Laws

First Things has a good post up at The Hidden Risk in Anti-Bullying Proposals

I agree with a much of that. However I do really think we need to quit playing the game of having to talk about this SOLELY through the prism of kids that have some degree of same sex attraction. That is missing the real problem. I left this comment (which is pending approval)

I think people are overlooking major problems with Anti Bully legislation that should be apparent when we see the problems with various other ZERO TOELRANCE problems. That is in order to avoid liability all sort of normal things of childhood will be reported as bullying and the School Board machinary will start.

In my experience the consequences of such actions will fall on specific kids and certain demograhics including "special needs" kids that will be got rid of and disappear into this "alternative" schools.

In Louisiana we have a sane anti bully law but an attempt to amend was defeated. The defeat of the amendment was viewed just through the gay prism. There was a lot more bigger problems with the proposed amendments than that.

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