Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Defcon 1 Situation in Archdiocese of New Orleans- Priest / Principal of St Aug Refuses to Leave

Right when you think the think the St Augustine school situation could not get worse. ALL OVER BEING ABLE TO SPANK KIDS AT SCHOOL.

See St. Aug leader says he won't step down

So now we got the Archbishop that with some justification thinks he is being pushed more and more into the a Corner and now the Josephites order is involved . Who knows maybe they will make another movie about St Augustine. However instead of the true story that involves a black Priest that demands his kids play the rich kids at Jesuit in Basketball , it will involve the brave stance as the last Catholic school in USA to have corporal punishment!!

While I feel for the parents at St Aug's and even slightly agree with them this is not exactly fighting the evils of segregation in 1965. So I hope every one calms down. But when will that happen. It just escalates.

Now what is interesting here is the good Father has a Canon Lawyer who is unnamed (why are these Canon lawyers never named in these stories). He very well might have a case. So if
Rev. John Raphael thinks he has a legal Canon law case and his rights violated well I don't begrudge him that. I have no competence in Canon law on the facts he gives to judge his claim.

Still it's getting more heated and hot in a City that is already naturally weather wise heated and humid in the summer. Further while it's June I have an uneasy feeling this might not be resolved in time for the school year which might mean a rather nasty intervention by the Archbishop .

St Augustine Pray for Us.


hammawi said...

A Bishop is in charge of the Diocese. He can remove Priests at will, he needs no excuse. Also, Orders also can be removed from a Diocese by the Bishop. The Bishop is the highest authority in a Diocese.

James H said...

Oh I agree with you. As a practical matter I see both sides (The Archbishop and St Augs ) have taken offense and now we have the Order

In the end St Augs will have to submit but I am hoping the Archbishop can find some compromise on the underlying issue