Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Are Catholic Charismatics Really Speaking In Tongues

I am not a Charismatic and I have never "spoken in tongues". That being said I don't bash the movement partly because:

They seem to have good fruits

They are approved by the Church

I really am not that up to date about Catholic "charismatics" and what they mean by some terms versus their Protestant counterparts


I am not all that interested as long as this is guided by the Church itself

That being said I know some and I have unease when the Traditionalists tend to bash them.

Which is why I like this article from The New Theological Movement by a Priest that does the EF of the Mass but is open to the Catholic Charismatic movement. As you can see in the comments and article he is not bashing. But he does have one problem

See You're not speaking in tongues, you're just mumbling

Interesting article I am just throwing out there.

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