Friday, June 3, 2011

Anti Jewish Cartoons in Circumcision Battle ?

What a bunch of WACKOS! Ok maybe not fair but that is my first thought looking at these links and indeed someof the comments. Go look at all their links. I have to agree with Secondhand Smoke. I find this images disturbing. See Anti Semitic Advocacy of SF Anti Circumcision Referendum Author

The comments have a huge back and forth. These folks that promote this viewpoint seem like the supporters of a certain person that runs for President. Say one negative thing and they SWARM into the com boxes.

There is an interesting back and forth between Jewish supporters of the ban and those that are appalled. I really don't get Jews that support this. As one person wrote:

If the anticircumcision movement had as its goal to persuade parents not to circumcise their infant sons, I would not bother arguing with it. The health benefits of the procedure are real, but not as great as, say, vaccination for polio. It would just not be important enough to argue about.

But that is not the goal of the movement. No, not content to rely on the persuasive powers of their arguments, the movement would rather use the force of government and the threat of criminal sanctions to compel adherence to their unpersuasive views.

It is almost unavoidable that the anticircumcision movement should attract anti-Semites and be led by anti-Semites. Imagine that there were a movement which sought to forbid–to criminalize!–the eating of the wafer and the drinking of the wine which Christian doctrine teaches is the transubstantiated body and blood of Christ. Imagine that this movement claimed that it was doing so for health reasons, that gastrointestinal diseases were being spread by unhygienic handling of the wafer, and that Sunday traffic accidents were due to the effect of the alcohol in the wine. And now tell me, if members of this movement claimed that they were not anti-Christian, would you believe them?

The ritual circumcision of Jewish boys on their 8th day is the foundational sacrament of the Jewish people, as important to the Jews as Holy Communion is to Christians. When the Roman Empire wanted to extirpate the Jews as a people, it forbade study of Torah and circumcision. The Romans knew how important both are for Jewish survival. Circumcision is the covenantal act by which a boy becomes a member of the Jewish people. Jewish boys have been circumcised since the days of the patriarch Abraham. That is a tradition of 5000 years!

How serious a matter is circumcision to faithful Jews? Jewish law forbids an uncircumcised person from eating the paschal lamb at Passover. The Jewish people were not allowed to enter the Promised Land under the leadership of Joshua until all the adult men (who had not been circumcised during their 40 years of wandering in the desert) gave physical witness to their accepting the covenant with God by being circumcised. When David wanted to insult Goliath, he said, “Who is this uncircumcised Philistine, that he should defy the armies of the living God?”

Those who would criminalize infant circumcision claim that there are many Jews in their movement. Perhaps they are sincere in saying so. Jews there may be in the movement, but there is no Judaism. Rather, there is the stench of anti-Judaism, anti-Semitism. Now, far be it from me to try to prevent a person from becoming an apostate from the faith of his fathers. But really, ladies and gentlemen, a little sincerity, a shred of decency is called for. An apostate who would criminalize circumcision can no more speak as a Jew or for the Jews than a “Christian” who denies Jesus as his savior can speak as a Christian.

No doubt many people who are not Jew-haters or Judaism-haters have stumbled into this unholy anti-Semitic movement with pure hearts. I urge them to abandon the movement to criminalize circumcision, and turn their efforts to persuading people not to circumcise their sons. Don’t become tainted by association with these haters. If you lie down with dogs, you rise up with fleas.

By the way, do you know what the Hebrew word for dog is?

Getting back to the cartoons. I find them disturbing but a person can judge for themselves. I also find the general anti religious theme very disturbing .


Jim said...

That whole situation is just nuts. People are very capable of deciding pro or con on circumcision, and people have an absolute right to observe their religious traditions so long as they don't do harm to others, and circumcision does not do harm.
As to the anti Jewish sentiment, that is disgusting.

James H said...

Also what about the whole them of that comic book. If one parent wants a child circussided you can take him away by force. Scary stuff

Anonymous said...

Ok, but are you aware that circumcision violates Catholic doctrine?